Universal Fighting System

What is the Universal Fighting System™?

Let us answer the question with a question. Who would win in a fight between your two favorite fighting game characters who aren't in the same game?

That's what UFS is at its core. It's the way you make every fight that you ever dreamed of happen. UFS incorporates several properties each with their own unique fighters and moves to answer that question.  Do you think Megaman is the best robot out there? Prove it!

Choose a character. Build a deck. Pick a fight.

It's that simple.

Jasco Games™ is the official home of the Universal Fighting System Collectible Card Game.  Fight epic battles against legendary opponents from across all our properties!  Megaman, King of Fighters, Darkstalkers, and our very own Red Horizon property are all in the mix!  In past sets we visited the worlds of Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Samurai Shodown to name a few.

UFS is a competitive game, and we challenge all our players to travel to the big tournaments to win a very unique prize.  We call it “The best prize in gaming!” where if you’re the champion of the National or World events, you are able to become immortalized in card form, and be played against your friends and any other challenger.  Ever felt that you were better than everyone else?  Now is your chance to truly prove it.

To learn how to play, visit our online rulebook, or watch our demo video.

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